Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Blog Shifting

Hello everyone! I'll be moving my blog to Word press, you can find it at: 

My new Blog!

I'll be re-posting most of the posts there as well, so take a look!

For the last time in a while,
Catch you later!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To: Read A Book - Properly :)

I'm extremely sorry about the delayed post, but ordinary life does catch up with me sometimes. That's when I honestly have to make time in order to sit on the computer long enough to type out a post. :) This time I'm writing a 'How to" post - yes, about reading a book. I know a lot of you are probably like this:

What? Huh? Excuse me? I know how to read a book!
You see, it's something I've encountered lately - half the people I meet have read a book. Yet they haven't properly read it. There no tried and true 'formula' to reading a book, but there are certain unspoken guidelines that make the whole story a lot more enjoyable. What with the internet and eBook revolution taking over the entire universe :D, I realize that not everyone reaches out for a book these days. Goodness me, I publish my books as eBooks since it gives me a wider readership base! Yet - there's something about holding a nice, warm book in your hands; turning the crinkly, yellowed pages and breathing in the musty smell as you journey through another world that seems all too real. When I read a book, I am absolutely oblivious to the surroundings. I remember when my friends would pull my book away from me when they'd gotten tired of calling my name for the umpteenth time. 

That's how you should be when you're actually reading a book. You don't just flip through the pages and announce proudly that you've finished a book. No - you don't. You've got to travel through the pages, immerse yourself within the book, let the book take over your mind. You've got to watch it all happen right before your very eyes. You've got to be able to tell someone else exactly what happens in the book without a single hesitation. That's reading a book.

Don't be intimidated though. I've got just the thing that'll help you read it properly.

Spencer's 6 Steps To Reading A Book

1. Pick an interesting book. I've got another post that'll help you do that right here.

2. Open the book when you know you'll have enough time. Don't start reading only to close the book five minutes later. It breaks the continuity of the whole process. I know how busy life can seem sometimes, but try and read at least a chapter every time you open the book.

3. Allow yourself to be unprejudiced when you begin to read. Let the story do the talking. Once you start reading, you will form thoughts. That's absolutely fine. But never open a book with pre-formed ideas of what will happen. 

4. When you read, you don't talk. In fact, you don't exist in this world. You exist in the book. You are oblivious to the outside world, as is the outside world to you. You are a quiet person reading in tranquil surroundings.

5. Allow your brain to process the story. I've no doubt that if you were immersed in the book, you'll find yourself thinking about it. This is absolutely perfect. It's amazing. Just don't daydream about it at school or work. :D What if she was an ordinary girl instead of a witch? What if he was born a superhero? What if? You must think. 

6. Don't skip pages or to the back of the book. It spoils the entire, lovely plot's continuity. You'll have to learn to handle suspense and a few chapters that drag in every story. You might find a new character introduced in the part you skipped and you will think, "Who on earth is that?"

Reading a book is a lot like the rolling waves that splash on the shore. You go with the flow and the plot may drag at times, but the finale will be so epic - it will make up for everything. Trust me on this. :)

As always, read, enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment! I'll be waiting! :)

Catch you later!
Spencer :)

P.S. I'm working on my first review for this blog. Plus, I'm also coming up with a Picture Post which will be themed every week. So, stay tuned!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Art Of Pouring Words: Poetry

Poetry is something extremely beautiful. It's the spontaneous overflow of human emotions, as Wordsworth would have put it.

It takes you to another world while you stay put in one place. It's a lot like imagination. In fact, a lot of it is imagination. Poets strive to share what they feel with you, but most often you end up perceiving the poem in your own way. What I see as a poet is different from what you see as a reader. It's an art - some are born with an innate ability to compose poetry, others acquire it as they grow. But it needn't be only those 'poets' who can write - it can be you too. The wonderful thing about poetry is that there's nothing right and nothing wrong. Each piece of work is different and unique and that's what makes it special. 

To be a poet, you need to look at everything differently. There's a poem in every single thing you see. You just need to find it. I know when there's a poem ready to burst out of me - that feeling you get when words just randomly pop up in your mind and put themselves into order. That's why I call poetry the 'Art Of Pouring Words' - that's all it really is. There's no better time to write a poem than when your heart is welling up with emotions and you don't find any outlet to let it all out. Writing down what you feel can cure you of anything - believe me, I know. Anger, frustration  sadness, excitement - they'll all fade away once you put them on paper. Plus, you'll end up with a very beautiful work of art to proudly display to your friends and family. You can go and tell them, "I'm a poet!"

Oh yeah! I did it!

You don't have to be published to be a poet. Why, a lot of poets out there aren't even sure they want to be published. 

Oh, and a poem doesn't have to be rhyming. Some of the best works of art have been freestyle poetry. Sometimes they carry more meaning than a structured poem. In a structured poem, the rhyme and rhythm makes up for any lost meaning. In a freestyle poem, the depth of reason and meaning makes up for the lost rhyme and rhythm. They are each beautiful in their own wonderful way.

I leave you with this poem about diamonds in the sky.


A thousand stars lit up the sky,
Twinkling on their cloud nine,
A vast black sheet with silver stones,
Radiating beauty as they glowed,
They shine their brightest on a moonless night,
And shine even better in soft moonlight,
They seem so small, so out of reach,
If only we knew, they have much to teach,
It's ethereal, a moment of bliss,
Go on and see a star what it is,
Impartial; from an unbiased point of view,
You'll feel the beauty of its silver hues,
The beauty of the mystical sparkles at night,
That reflect as the diamonds in my eye.

As always, read, enjoy and let me know what you think - comment! Are you going to go write a poem after reading this? Or are you going to read one? 

Catch you later!
Spencer :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

My First Published Novelette: Hunt For The Sapphire Of Invisibility.

I've published my first ever novelette! I've always been fascinated by the supernatural...even when I was a little child. One day, I was overwhelmed with ideas that kept building up inside me and I was forced to put them all out - which resulted in my first ever novelette. I'm quite proud actually. I'm planning on a series of novelettes with the same story-line too.

I decided to publish it as an eBook, a) I wanted to b) because I don't find enough novelettes out there. You know, something you can pick up and read when you're desperately in need of a story to read, but not too long. Something that has a gripping plot that will keep you occupied for just enough time. It's a simple short book that you can read on your way to work, or after school at home. A little break from the hustle-bustle of our usual chaotic lives. 

Move! Move! I have work to do! And I'm late!

The eBook publishing process can get quite complicated, and I'll be happy to post about it with a few tips later. I've chosen to publish on Amazon Kindle and so it might take awhile till it's ready for sales. Until then!

I'll have to wind up for now, and I know this is one of my shorter posts, but duty calls! I'll be back soon and I promise to discuss more about the plot, right here, in this blog!

As always, read, enjoy, and don't forget to comment! Tell me if you prefer eBooks or printed ones. Let me know if you think there are or aren't enough novelettes out there. And tell me if you'd like to read my novelette!

Catch you later!
Spencer :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Art Of Folding: Origami

Hello everyone! I'm very sorry about the delay in posting but 'the ordinary life' caught up with me and pretty much took up all my time. I had to literally create time in order to blog again. :D I had something to finish every single direction I looked.

Yes! I know I have work to do! I'm going to finish it now! Wait! Please!

And I also rediscovered my love for origami when I experienced one of my arty-crafty (is that even a word?) episodes. I used to love origami, but then I started writing and kind of lost touch with my arty-crafty self for a while. And today, it returned! 

I ended up working on a flower that looked so very simple...and it was just so very....beautiful. I don't know - it kind of just appealed to me in a way. Like a, "I know you want to create me." sort of way. So I did. Here's what it looked like.

The little forget-me-not in a box, so blue,
With a little yellow center, it's quite pretty too!

Do you like it? I hope so. And if you want to make it, you can find step-by-step instructions at It's quite easy to follow, fortunately. Sometimes I have the hardest times figuring out written instructions online. Oh, and make the flower using white paper first - and then paint it. It gives a beautiful realistic effect to the petals. I tried it on the flower above, so now it's your turn to try it.

So, origami. Heard of it before? It's basically creating spectacular works of art using the method of folding. Traditional origami involves only one sheet of paper and folding that one alone. The forget-me-not I made above is traditional, I didn't use scissors in making it. Non-traditional involves the cutting and gluing of separate parts or 'units' of the final piece of work.

Me, I prefer traditional origami - it makes you appreciate the final result much more. To think that you created that with only a sheet of paper and your hands is fantabulously  (another word mash of fantastic and fabulous. I'm in the nonsense words mood today. :D) awesome. The scissors and glue undermine that feeling for me. 

You know, origami flowers and baskets make great presents. Trust me, they look so pretty it's the best thing you could do. Rather than buying something expensive from the store, make something yourself! It adds to the present in an untold way. It goes to show you care about that person that you took time off to make something special for them. I make sure I give a bouquet of origami flowers to my mum on her birthday every year - because what's better than sweet-smelling flowers? Flowers that don't wilt away!

Spencer's 3 Tips

1. Introduce yourself to origami by learning the different types of folds first. If you jump directly to making even the simplest of works, you might get stuck on a simple fold. Some folds have special names like 'mountain' and 'valley' that you need to know the meanings of.

2. Use a specific sized paper for your creations. A box won't do you any good if it's so small you can only fit your pinkie in it, and small flowers don't look good if they're over-sized.
Plus, some of the folds can get difficult if the paper's not the right size. Most instructions tell you the approximate size required.

3. Be patient. Origami takes both time and patience to master. Some of the folds you'll find so incredibly difficult that you'll want to throw the piece of paper away and give up. But don't. You'll master it after a few more tries. (Note: This might take several pieces of paper and a bit of time too. :D)

Alright then, I think I'm going to go and try to fold a Kawasaki rose. It's quite challenging, I've tried quite a few times and I'm yet to accomplish my mission.

As always, read, enjoy, and don't forget to leave a comment! Have a great day (or) night, everyone!

Catch you later!
Spencer :)


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Asleep When Awake: Daydreams.

Hello everyone! This post ventures (once again) into the land of dreams but this time we delve into daydreams. Have you ever daydreamed? Found yourself drifting away from reality and into a whole new world? Then you'll know it's quite a pleasurable experience (of course, the same can't be said if you daydreamed during class and the teacher rewarded you with detention. Make that double detention. :D) 

Don't bother me. I'm in Fantasy World right now.
But it's quite fun, slipping away from this world once in a while. And it's best if it happens without you knowing it. I remember this one time when I was sitting with my books open in front of me and I was dreaming about an adventure in Chocolate Land. (That story never made it into any of my novels though. Tragic, really :D) I suddenly snapped out of it and realised that I had a test the next day.  But then I learnt that daydreaming can be good for you. I didn't believe it. I'd always thought daydreaming was a sign of lack of focus and concentration. Imagine my surprise.

Never bring me out of a daydream with a piece of news like that! :D
Those temporary periods of slight detachment from this world when you slip into those moments of contemplation without even realising it can have their benefits. Research says that when the world around you seems obscure you're thinking about things that you want to achieve and you're organising your thoughts. When you're in this relaxed state of mind you're more easily able to perceive thoughts from your subconscious. And unlike your regular dreams at night, you don't have to worry about nightmares - daydreams are usually about happy, free and joyous stories. Some daydream because they're bored; for others it's just a way of life. They can't help daydreaming. (Count me in the latter!) 

When you daydream, you're basically pondering about your deepest desires, hopes and aspirations. You can daydream about becoming a pioneering scientist or a promising researcher if your passion is science. If you're the lonely, unpopular student at high school, you probably daydream that you grow up to be a well-liked, cherished friend in time. If you're that one person at work whose colleague has been promoted as your boss, (while you still sit at your old desk, filling out ordinary paperwork) you, I'm pretty sure, will daydream about receiving a sudden promotion as the Managing Director of the company which results in you being your former colleague's boss. (I'm sure it would be wonderful if it actually happened :D)

The point is, we all daydream about different things - they're as unique as our fingerprints. They may resemble each other - but no two will ever be the same. That's because we are different as humans, we each have our own goals, opinions and aspirations. It's like our daydreams are tailored particularly for us. What seems amazing to us will seem childish to another; what makes us jump for joy will make others get down in the dumps. It happens. That shouldn't stop you from daydreaming and giving you that extra 'push' to go on with life. It doesn't matter why you daydream - you can daydream because you're bored; you can daydream because you're sleepy; you can even daydream because you feel like it. (Though in these cases you don't usually know you're daydreaming. :D)

So, lesson learnt? Daydreaming is good for you in some ways, even if we are very strongly prejudiced (wrongly, if I might add) against it. It enhances your imagination, gets you motivated and certainly makes you feel more organised. If your brain tells you to do something, it's telling for for a reason. (You can't not trust a structure with the capacity of over a thousand computers put together.) Trust it. And remember, daydreaming means you're asleep when you're awake. 
(In a literary point of view. Not scientific.) No matter how paradoxical it sounds, it's the truth. The absolute truth.

As always, read, enjoy, and don't forget to leave a comment in the section below! I'm eager to hear your thoughts! And please do vote in the weekly polls too!

Catch you later!
Spencer :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

How To: Beat The Monday Blues Every Week.

Hello and welcome back to everyone! I'm starting a new 'feature' of this blog called the "How To" and these are posts where I will tell you how to do something. (Obvious? :D) But anyways, do you feel tired when you wake up on Monday mornings? Does the whole world suddenly seem dreary? Do you feel so dull you just don't want to get out of bed? Sounds like a bad case of the Monday Blues. Speaking of which, my Monday Blues can get pretty horrible on well, every Monday. Really, really horrible. 

In fact, here's how I look like in the mornings.

Five more minutes. Please.
I used to feel sluggish and tired and everything that makes you not want to leave your bed. I would never be in the right mood, and I would see everything predicted during the week in a negative light. You see, I know exactly what it's like. And it was worse for me because I'm not a coffee-drinker. I have never tasted coffee in my entire life. (Sounds unbelievable right?) But it's true. So I had to find other ways to make my Monday Blues disappear. 

Hey, when I get like this during the day....

Zzz...what? - Zzz....No. I can't sleep. Not right now.
...I know I have to do something. And lo, behold! 

Spencer's 7 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues.

1.  Never ever ever sleep late on a Sunday night. Never. Ever.

2. Wake up early and give yourself a bit of time to get used to the fast-paced life during your weekdays. Maybe even take a nice walk in the fresh air. It helps.

3. If you still feel sluggish, have a nice, hot cup of coffee or milk and relax yourself. Think of a happy place (somewhere you feel you can be yourself with no pressure. My happy place, for example, is a beach-side rose garden with colourful butterflies.) :D A nice, warm shower helps too. 

4. Face the fact that Monday is here...but that Friday will be back in the blink of an eye. Often, thinking about happy things can have a lasting effect on your mood. Plan something great for a Friday night. (Preferably with friends or family.)

5. Eat an awesome breakfast. I mean - awesome. And do not skip it unless you want to feel right down in the dumps all day.

6. Think about meeting your friends at the workplace or school and talk cheerfully to your family at home. Trust me, this definitely works. They can cheer you up like nobody's business.

7. Treat yourself to some comfort food. It should make you feel warm and cuddly inside; the food depends upon you and where you're from. It should make you feel all comfy - that's all that matters. Sometimes I nibble on a bit of dark chocolate to help wash away that moodiness.

So, that's it. These are my own ways - methods that I use to counter the blues. To be honest, the Monday blues can take away the joy of a whole week. The joy of doing a whole lot of things that should make you feel ecstatic! So, what about you? Do you have any special or unique ways you use to beat your Monday Blues? Let me know in the comments section below and I'll give you a shout-out on my next post! 

As always, read, enjoy and never ever forget to leave a comment! About whatever you want - my blog, posts, or what you think I should write about! 

P.S. I know most of my GIFs are cat ones. I don't know why - it just so happens that every GIF I pick happens to be one with a cat in it. :D Maybe it's because I love cats.

Catch you later!
Spencer :)